The Evolution of Custom Coins

Today, we can virtually spot custom coins in various countries. Most of the coins produced in other countries are made of a special type of metal and they are valued as fiat money. This means that the coins that are created today can be based on the government law or they can be based on the free market. Most of those metal discs that are created today are also used for award purposes. They are considered as tokens or awards. Of course, the main purpose of the coin is for monetary purposes. They are government designed and they have an equivalent value. The coins that are in circulation right now are considered as fiat values that are lower than with their component metals. They are initially used for trade and they are very important especially during the times of inflation. Examples of the coins that are in circulation today are the dime, dollar and the US nickel.

Since there was a rise to the value of copper, the United States have also utilized other materials in making this form of currency. In the mid 80s the coins that are produced by the US is out of 97% zinc with just a small coating of copper. This type of practice of using other materials in order to create coins has also been practiced by makers of custom coins. Nowadays, they often mix lead or bronze together with their products.

custom coinsOf course, those that have the right value and those that have certain uniqueness are collected by fanatics. Those that have certain historical significance, beauty and rarity are often bought be avid collectors. The value of those custom made coins can also be influenced by various factors that are largely based on the value of the base metal use such as those with platinum, silver and gold. Sometimes, the coins have a certain mark which makes it quite rare from the others. The markings can also make it more expensive than with regular coins. For instance, the value of the Canadian Maple leaf is quite high because of the face value of the coin. Such types of collectable custom coins are never for circulation and they are specifically for collection use only.

Do you know that coins can also be used as a way to express your beliefs? They can be used as fine art designs and other specialized uses. For instance, there are special made tokens that are used in amusement parks. Amusement park owners will often create a specific type of token which is only usable inside their premises. Not all the custom coins that are created today are round shaped. There are also ones that have flat sides and they are designed specifically for a certain use.

Some of the custom made ones have a wavy edge, such as the 20 cent coins of Hong Kong. Some also have a square shape, such as with the 15 cent in the Bahamas. Imagine, there are also some that have square, wavy, polygon or oblong shaped coins made for trade and collection purposes. Astonishingly, there is also the custom made token with a triangular shape that is found in the Isle of Man. It is a legal tender and people trade it. Somalia even has a guitar shaped coin and during the medieval ages there are ones that are so thin. The Royal mint has also created their colored coins and even a holographic type token which can be traded.

The most common types of custom made coins were utilized under tradition of a certain challenge. The rule of the challenge is that units in the military are required to have a certain type of token at all times. The one who will not be able to carry their coin will be required to pay for a certain due, such as paying for drinks or cleaning the barracks. The tradition of using custom made coins is actually meant as a source for morale for soldiers.

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TL-15 Safes and the Different Types of Safes

If you have been checking out safes in stores, you may have noticed labels with either a TL-15 or TL-30 posted in its inner door. These can help you determine if the safe will fit your need to keep some valuables protected.

Safes are boxes where you keep important items. You may get one for your jewelry, documents, or other important items you wish to protect from fire, burglary or simply to keep it from children’s reach. Each safe was designed based on the items it is supposed to protect.

Each safe is made from either steel or other high-tech composites. High security safes such as the TL-15 safes and the TL-30 safes are made from pure materials that make it durable enough to withstand tampering from burglars.

To know more about safes and how to find the best one for you, here are its different types and how each are rated.

3 Types of Safes

Safes have three types. Each of these are designed and constructed to protect valuables from certain types of tampering and damaging.

  • The fire resistant safe.
  • The burglar resistant safe.
  • The combination of fire and burglar resistant.

TL-15 safesTo know which safe best fits your needs, each safe is rated. The Underwriters Laboratory tests the safe’s material to know how long it can withstand tampering. The tools used to measure are fire and burglary equipment (e.g. drills).

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rates the safes and labels them according to their design. They have been doing this task for more than 80 years, making them the experts in telling people which safes are best to use in protecting certain items. The rating systems are devised to help categorized the safes according burglar resistance, fire resistance, and impact resistance.

A fire resistant safe was designed to protect your items from fire. It was constructed using a fire resistant insulating material placed in between two thin metal double walls. This material releases moisture when the safe is subjected to fire. It helps maintain the temperature inside that keeps the paper from burning.

Fire resistant safes are rated according to how long they can protect the contents under a certain temperature. Small insulated boxes have a half hour rating. Most fire resistant safes have a one-hour to two-hour rating which is adequate to protect documents and other records. For an insulated safe that was made to protect records, a four-hour rating is given. To help you understand this, here are the ratings used for fire resistant safes.

  • Class C withstands temperatures up to 1700 degrees for one-hour.
  • Class B withstands temperature up to 1850 degrees for up to two hours.
  • Class A withstands temperature up to 4000 degrees for up to four hours.

The burglar resistant safe was designed with solid metal walls and a heavy door. These are built using metal-plates with thickness measuring from one-inch to one and a half inch. This can withstand any drilling, cutting, or prying burglars may do to open up the safe and take its contents.

Burglar resistant safes are rated based on two factors: The class rating (1-5) which is based on the combination of door and wall thickness, and the higher ratings (3-5) which is based on its resistance to any form of attack.

Tools (TL) and torches (TR) are used by UL to test a safe’s resistance. The numbers 15 and 30 are the minutes it took before the material was damaged. Users, however, should not think that TL-15 safes can be opened within 15 minutes. The pressures exerted to pry on the safes during tests are different. It may even take burglars longer than 15 minutes to open the safe.

Buying safes

If you are planning to buy a safe, the first thing you need to consider is the items you will be keeping inside. If it’s important documents, fire resistant safes are the best option. If it’s jewelries, you can check out TL-15 safes. The next you need to consider is your location. If you are living far from fire fighters station then it is best to a higher class safe.

Whether you are planning on buying a TL-15 safes or Class A safes, having one is a great investment.

10 Helpful Tips in Using a Mister

A mister is very beneficial if you know how to buy one, use one and maintain one properly. However, it can bring health risks and induce accidents when used the wrong way. Get the most out of a misting system by following these 10 helpful tips.

1. Consider retrofitting

You do not always have to buy new misting fans if you already have several wall-mounted fans installed inside your house and porch. They can be retrofitted to accommodate a mister that will increase their cooling efficiency.

2. Install supplemental water conditioning units

If your water supply is considered “hard” water – meaning it is high in mineral content, such as magnesium, chlorine and calcium – it is advisable that you install a water conditioning unit to reduce the amount of minerals before the water passes through the nozzles. Too much mineral can clog the nozzles much faster. In the end, the amount you will spend on a supplemental water conditioning unit is lower than what you have to spend on replacing permanently clogged nozzles.

You can also use a hexaphosphate inline treatment or a nano-filter to remove excess mineral from the water if you cannot find a water conditioning unit.

3. Change filter cartridges once per cooling season

Regardless if your water is “hard” or “soft,” it is imperative that you change the filter cartridge every cooling season or once a year to avoid malfunction in your misting system. A mister is only as good as its nozzle, so you have to take care of it above anything else.

If you use the misting system very often (like in the case of business establishments), replace it once every six months.

4. Change oil once every 500 hours of usage

The oil of a misting pump should be regularly changed once every 500 hours to maintain its efficiency. It should also be changed 50 hours after the initial use before sticking with the 500-hour rule.

5. Stick with 1,200-1,500 psi pressure

For a misting system, low-pressure ones are almost useless. This is because they cannot effectively breakdown water into tiny droplets that will disperse and evaporate immediately into the air. The purpose of installing a misting system is to cover a wider area, so stick with high-pressure that does the job.

6. Have a professional do the layout and installation

Although there are many DIY misting system kits being sold, it is still advisable that you leave to the professionals the job of optimizing the mister. There are a lot of factors to be considered when installing a misting system: height, water connection, direct sunlight, and nozzle direction to name a few. You have to consider where the mist will work best without having to spend on additional nozzles and pipes.

Ask the salesman for a brand of misting system that also includes free installation.

7. Maintain 24-inch spacing for every nozzle

The standard spacing for nozzle placement is 24 inches, regardless if it is a low-pressure or high-pressure mister. There are stores that sell additional nozzles after explaining the more nozzles means higher misting efficiency. Do not fall for that and just stick with the standard placement.

8. Clean the nozzles at least once every quarter

Nozzles get clogged from mineral and sediment deposits overtime. Once left clogged, the deposits will harden and become permanent. To avoid this, clean the nozzles at least once every quarter by brushing the nozzle heads then soaking them in a nozzle cleaning solution for 10 minutes. If you do not have a cleaning solution, vinegar is also an excellent alternative.

9. Go for stainless steel or nylon mist line

These materials are strong against pressure. They will not break even if you use high pressure for your misting system.

10. Choose brass mist nozzles

Brass is usually more expensive than ordinary nozzles, but if you want quality and convenience, you should invest on it. Anyway, brass mist nozzles are just a few dollars more expensive – not exactly hard on the budget.

The best part about our mister is that you stay dry, and you will not get wet!

Debt Settlement Companies on Mortgages

By discussing mortgages, debt settlement companies may successfully help debtors avoid overburdening problems with housing finance markets while maintaining good credit in their accounts. Should they like to own properties but are currently financially incapable of making outright purchases, they may still have these secured by signing up for mortgage loans. As these can have a major impact on financial statuses, mortgage insurance is made available.

What Are Mortgages?

Basic Terms:

  • Completion – the official start of the mortgage loan
  • Foreclosure – the possibility of creditors seizing a residence under certain circumstances
  • Principal – the mortgage loan’s original size
  • Property – the residence being financed
  • Redemption – the final repayment of the mortgage loan

debtDebt settlement companies, aware that the word mortgage means death pledge in French, intend to allow debtors to thoroughly understand mortgage. Though they may not have sufficient liquid funds, acquiring property isn’t out of the question. After briefing them with the basics, they’ll give them a heads up regarding mortgage complications. Finally, they’ll dish tips, including always being ready for credit checking, forgetting about major purchases, and watching out for last minute price changes, effective for cutting down mortgage costs.

Standard Mortgages

Standard mortgages, reversion mortgages to some, are undiscounted mortgages that don’t come with limited term deals. Provided the regulations set by creditors in the housing finance market are met, debtors may apply for the loans. Their advantages are realized when a previous mortgage ends and the acquisition of a new deal is unnecessary. That, and low interest rates may be retained. As potential risks are involved when transaction with the particular mortgages, debt settlement companies propose to applicants that they should fully understand terms before officially signing up.

Cost of Mortgages

The cost of mortgages is the annual percentage rate (APR). Aside from a stated net-worth, other mortgage points including closing costs, interest rates, and upfront origination fees need to be considered. Companies offering debt settlement services advice for debtors is to have allowances arranged. When they intend to gauge loans they’re about to purchase, allotting room for errors makes it less confusing.

Rates of Mortgages

The rates of mortgages are based on current economic conditions. Mostly, it’s only companies providing debt settlement services are aware that these aren’t stable. Should they acquire loans with low interests in the past, debtors shouldn’t be surprised once they face increased fees during the current days. If the financial market is undergoing crisis, rapid changes on the mortgage rates will be seen.

Value of Mortgages

The value of mortgages refers to the worth of a home and is equivalent to mortgage balances. Though these can have a major impact on the total, market prices don’t determine the final figures. Rather, it’s dependent on factors such as the previous home-owners’ desired charges and the marketability of a specific house. Should the property be rated to be in good condition by appraisers (i.e. limited renovations needed), the amount set is high. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to fare well in the market.


Self-amortization is the most common approach of mortgage repayment. It is the submission of periodic payments consisting of both the principal and the interest. Its purpose is to ensure that the mortgage loan is eliminated at the end of a set term. As it uses the time value of money as basis, debt settlement companies suggest signing up for it. Considering both debtors and creditors will benefit, it’s a hassle-free plan.

Who Uses Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive Dialer Software is currently one of the most popular tools being used by companies today. The product is designed to increase the efficiency of businesses, allowing them to initiate contact with various clients. However, it’s important to note that not all businesses need this type of product. Depending on the very nature of their business, it might not be necessary to get a Predictive Dialer Software. For those who are wondering if this is something they need, following are some considerations that might be helpful.

Large Target Client

If a company is targeting a large market, having a Dialer may be necessary. This is because the Predictive Dialer Program makes it easier for companies to contact these clients one by one to inform or entice them about new products. The system also manages to eliminate downtime between these calls, increasing the speed and efficiency of the process. With a streamlined outgoing call, it’s more likely for businesses to increase their sales.

In House Phone Agents

Predictive DialerAlthough a Predictive Dialer Program is also ideal for starting companies, this system is usually best for established businesses that already have in-house phone agents. If they are doing outbound marketing the old fashioned way, integrating this system should be cheap yet highly efficient in increasing sales. It’s not even necessary to add phone agents. Even with a small amount of callers, this program can still offer a significant ROI.

Call Center

There’s no question about it – call center companies really need a Predictive Dialer Program – if they’re not using it already. Since they are in the business of sending and receiving calls, it’s only crucial for them to have a system that streamlines operations. If a company outsources their outgoing calls to a third party call center, then the Dialer would no longer be necessary.

What Is the Best Choice for Companies?

When choosing between different Predictive Dialer Software, the biggest consideration for companies would be the capacity of the program. This means that the program should be able to accommodate all the agents sending out calls. Typically, software is the best option for starting companies but later on, using hardware or a mixed type may be considered.

The truth of it is that all companies can make good use of a Predictive Dialer Software as long as they are employing outbound calling as part of their marketing strategy. Some businesses even buy a Dialer for the sole purpose of creating a new promotional segment instead of just expanding their current one. Just keep in mind that a Predictive Dialer Software alone will not work. Businesses are advised to also train their people in the best way to engage leads and close sales through the phone.

What to Look For in Defect Tracking Software

The latest online IT solutions have made it simple to carry out crucial IT services. Among these IT services involves tracking defects that vary from program bugs to quality assurance concerns. As businesses quickly learn, picking out a defect tracking software that features the perfect options may result in going over hundreds of SaaS or Software as Service products. In order to narrow down the list of choices, it is better to start off with the fundamentals and work toward the details.

To assist in the selection, below are six things that people must look for in a defect tracking software.

File Attachments

In the event that the project is on a limited schedule, composing lengthy email messages to associates may not be a great idea. It is much better to deliver file attachments that are a lot easier to understand than a long email message. It does not matter what the scope, size, or time frame of a project is, file attachments certainly make sharing vital information considerably less complicated.

Automatic Email Notification

Whenever a job is assigned, supervisors must get an email message that informs them about the assignment. With this, they are able to communicate significant data just before the commencement of the task resolution. For projects that only have a handful of members, the value of this feature may be insignificant. Yet, for huge projects, the automatic email notification feature of a defect tracking software is a great benefit.

Website Submissions

When it is simple to send defects, it is also easy to develop superior goods or services. Enabling customers to send defect forms from the company’s web page raises its capacity to provide what clients need and want. It also makes the reporting procedure easier for team associates.

Report Generation

A defect tracking software that offers more reporting functionality can further strengthen project management. Highly effective reports create a connection between staff’s efficiency and administration’s capacity to analyze the reports. The majority of tracking systems provide report generation, but the secret is to select the one that features modifiable reports. They can be used to determine KPI or key performance indicators while in project meetings.

History of Actions

Managers need to gain access to the record of actions that remedied a defect. If they do not have this access, a useful reference point for fixing similar problems is lost. Along with disclosing actions to carry out, a history trail unveils steps to stay away from. To minimize the expensive cost of rework and the uncertainty of defect resolution, it is best to select a system that details the process of task resolution.

Easy to Customize

A tracking system that can easily be customized is hardly ever downloaded for free. A modifiable defect tracking software allows the users to create new forms that greatly improve defect classification. The amount of money paid for this kind of tracking system is significantly greater that the amount saved from free software.

Use SEO Services Appropriately

Using SEO services like link building and keyword analysis can backfire if done maliciously. Tricking the search engines into ranking your site highly will not benefit you if your website is not truly useful to its visitors. To get the most out of your SEO services, make sure that your primary focus is on creating a valuable user experience. Write content and optimize your site based on what is best for your visitors and you will begin to see significant positive results.

There are many ways that some websites attempt to exploit loopholes in the algorithms that power the search engines. Some webmasters even rely heavily on these deceptive tactics, but their websites suffer as a result. Poorly optimized websites and websites that use SEO services deceptively eventually see similar negative results. The search engines work hard to continuously update and improve their ranking techniques, so tricks that work today might not work tomorrow. In fact, many dishonest SEO services actually get addressed by algorithm updates and end up getting websites banned entirely from the search results.

One of the most effective ways to make yourSEO Services website more useful and entertaining is by hosting an informative and often updated blog. Blogs provide you the opportunity to share answers to common questions in an engaging and shareable way. People who find your content useful will be very likely to share it with their friends and can even provide valuable backlinks for your website. To climb to the top of the search engine charts, a website must actually be focused on being as helpful and engaging as possible.

Another great strategy for sharing valuable information and getting your website’s name out there is by participating in social media. Creating an account on behalf of your business is a fantastic idea and can promote open communication between customers. Using Facebook and Twitter, you can announce new products and services before they come out and get useful feedback from potential buyers. This gives you the unique ability to adjust a product pre-release and improve your services prior to any real complaints being filed.

The world of search engine optimization is changing

It is more important than ever for SEO services to be white hat. Find an SEO company that understands the importance of making your site as valuable and informative as possible. Small site tweaks that make a website more accessible by the spiders are still important, but human visitors also have a huge impact on how a search engine ranks a website.

Help Desk Software Define Each Level of Support Procedures

We have all heard the cliché that the customer is always right. No matter how we agree or disagree to this seemingly overused adage, there is still a ring of truth in it. This is the reason why help desk software is created. In order to manage the customer complaints, concerns and issues in ways that is appropriate, tactful and effective.

If your task is defined as the one who forefronts the customer service, this just means that you are in charge of the help desk software management. The calls that this agent receives everyday are not to be taken seriously. The work load alone should be enough to create consistent levels of support procedures in order to check if the issues raised by the customer have been taken with utmost care and proper management.

Several effective help desk software have identified these levels of support procedures in order to assess your current practice and see if they are aligned to the industry practice or if they are simply comparable to the standards.

Help desk software Identified Levels of Support

1. First Level

help desk softwareThe issues under this level are handled by the person assigned to the help desk or simply the front line of support. This person is trained to handle the basic questions and concerns that can be easily answered by knowledge based solutions. The issues under this are usually the “how to” questions, password resets, basic hardware diagnostics, account creation and the likes. These are usually considered as simple and basic concerns.

2. Second Level

This is a concern elevated to the next level of support which is usually taken into record and account. The concerns are to be assigned to appropriate departments that will specific solutions to the problems not answerable by the pro forma solutions. These issues are usually regarding specific instructions like configurations, data correction, maintenance and the likes. The departments matched are commonly the technical service and maintenance.

3. Third Level

This level of support, although initially handled by the help desk software manager or agent, will be transferred to the assigned departments, however, due to complexities of the issue or concern, it will still be further assigned to a higher level of specialized technicians or they may require an outside technical assistance. A customer or site visit is often required and done to properly assess the nature of the problem.

In all of the levels identified, it is important to note that the customer should be given a notification of status and updates in ways that is most convenient for the customer. This system will avoid the piling up of unresolved issues and it can also be used as a tool to identify the data concerning the issues raised by the customers.

Critical Success Factors of JDE Implementation

Implementing JDE software is a very complex task. It may take years and cost a large amount of money before it can be fully rolled out. A JDE implementation is considered as a technology revolution in an organization that is why massive preparation and planning is involved. Several critical success factors are to be considered by the organizations in order to implement JDE systems without experiencing major problems.

It is critical to have committed top level management to support JDE implementation. The project does not only deal with a mere system update. It is a matter of repositioning the organization and transforming its business processes. The management is expected to be involved in all stages of the JDE implementation. Some companies usually hand over all the responsibilities to the information technology group. This would increase the chance of failure since JDE systems’ functionalities have profound implications on the business. Organizational commitment that is felt by all ensures a successful implementation because it does not only provide technology and processes but it also affects the people who are part of the business.

JDE implementation requires reengineering the current business practices in order to meet the standards. One major goal of a JDE system is to reengineer the business way of doing things. The existing processes of the company are expected to conform to the JDE model. However, some organizations’ processes are unique that the JDE system must be customized. This would usually entail cost on the package that is why they are forced to change their processes to follow the standards. Companies should preserve their JDE systems in order to minimize the customization costs and upgrade expenses.

JDE solutions revolutionize companies’ way of providing their goods and services. Most organizations invest time and money for this type of projects since part of their goals is to integrate the critical sectors of business. This also requires smooth transition from the legacy to new system. JDE implementation brings lot of benefits to the companies. It is like stitching together all the departments’ processes. Its complexity would definitely depend on the size of the company. The bigger the scope of the JDE system, the more careful the planning required.

The approach of the company in JDE implementation determines the success or failure of the project. Some of the major factors to consider are top level management commitment and the meticulous reengineering of the processes. The upper management contributes to the success of JDE implementation. They are part of the implementation life cycle watching every step and ensuring that all milestones are achieved. In streamlining the processes, it is important to determine how flexible it will become for future enhancements and upgrades. Its flexibility should also allow the JDE system to be integrated smoothly with other applications. These two critical success factors not only determine the success or failure of the project but also identify the best strategy to be used in faceting the challenges.

Why it is Important to get the Best Dehumidifier

When you stay home during the weekend, you may find that your lips are chapping. You may think that it is just the weather, but it might occur to you that it is not only your lips that are cracking. You may notice that your furniture is being affected by the climate. You may also see that the curtains have wet stains and some of the walls have peeling paint. You might feel that irritating musty feeling. If you observe these situations at home, it may be time to start looking for the best dehumidifier.

Effects of Humidity to Your Home

best dehumidifierToo much humidity in your home may cause damage not only to your wooden furniture, but also to paper and other items in your house that can be sensitive to moisture. To some extent, moisture can be damaging to your home’s structure. At the same time, too much moisture in the basement can damage the items that you have kept in storage. Remember that molds thrive in moist areas and they only need a small amount of moisture for them to accumulate.

What a Humid Home Can Do to the Body

During the hot days, extreme moisture may provide the body discomfort due to extreme humidity, and not necessarily because of the high temperature. At the same time, those who have sensitive skin may get allergies because of polluted air. Some even suffer from nasal allergies because of molds and bacteria.

What the Best Dehumidifier Can Do

The best dehumidifier is also a great air purifier – it functions by removing the excess moisture in your home, thus preventing mold production, which is hazardous to the health and can produce nasty odors in certain areas in your home. At the same time, dehumidifiers contain filters that remove dust and other kinds of allergens in the air, which makes it a must-have for people who suffer from asthma or allergic rhinitis.

People who would want to avoid furniture damage can benefit a lot from installing the best dehumidifier in their homes. People who install dehumidifiers tend to do less repainting jobs and furniture replacements because damage due to humidity is easily avoided. Thanks to these appliances, you would not need to worry if the clothes and toys you have stored in the basement and attic can still be used or sold in your next garage sale.

Those who live in apartments can also benefit from installing dehumidifiers in their households because they can help dry clothes when there is no space to hang them dry, or when it is too damp to hang clothes outside. Since these appliances do not consume as much power as the conventional clothes dryer would, some find that using the best dehumidifier in the laundry room is more cost-effective.